Is your organization looking to raise money?

nocookiesAre you tired of tracking Cookie, candy bars and popcorn?    Tired of spreadsheets and order forms?  What if you could raise money for your organization without any of that?   Sound too good to be true?   It’s not!   We want to pay your organization to tell your friends and family how awesome Eagle Hollow Haunts is!   We also want to give a discount to your friends and family to go to Eagle Hollow Haunts AND to support your fundraiser in a fun (but scary) more candy

All your fundraiser has to do is hand out fliers to help advertise Eagle Hollow Haunts!     That’s it!   No order forms, no missing candy, no deliveries, no cash envelopes!!!!!

Each flier is simply  a $2 off coupon, so you’re giving your supporters a deal on a night of fun at Eagle Hollow for and they will save $2 thanks to your organization!   Plus, for every flier that is used, your organization will get $3 at the end of the haunted house season.

Here’s how it works:

Email us your logo and we print the vouchers (up to 500 vouchers) for you.  We will deliver or mail them to you so you can cut them and start handing them out.    OR we can email you a pdf file of the voucher so that you can print out as many as you need, cut them and get them into the hands of your fundraisers.

Once you have your vouchers printed, cut and ready…just hand them out to all your friends, family and co-workers or leave a stack of them at your favorite store or restaurant. They must be handed out away from the Haunt facility.   We will not allow vouchers to be  handed out on the premise.  Coupons handed out on the premises will be dis-qualified for redemption and marked as void.     When the Haunt season is over, the vouchers will be tallied and donated funds will be distributed to your charity.


We hope you take advantage of this fundraising offer.   Our top fundraising group had 559 vouchers redeemed totaling $1,677.00 to LNS Performing Arts.   Let’s see if you can top that number this season.

Ready to get started?

call us at our office at 402-238-2595


Email or with subject line: Fundraiser Vouchers.