Night Terrors

We are sorry to announce that due to Covid restrictions, Night Terrors will be closed for the 2020 season…

Unfortunately we will be closing Luminon and Night Terrors haunted houses for 2020 due to the unpredictable situations with Covid. However, in preparation for this possibility, we have re-envisioned, expanded and intensified the outdoor walking path, Darklands, including the bus ride. We expect Darklands to be scarier than what’s under your ex’s mask and to more than make up for the closures of our indoor attractions. We’re pretty excited about Darklands changes for 2020!

Poor Penny keeps telling her parents that there are monsters in her bedroom, but her parents just think it is the usual childhood Night Terrors.   Maybe you can help her get some sleep.     Come visit Penny’s Night Terrors and delve into the surreal fears of the subconscious.

Do you think you can survive the night?

Only in your dreams!