Covid has been shutting down all the seasonal fun events for 2020.   But never fear…(or do)…Eagle Hollow Haunts has you covered!!!    We are closing our indoor haunts (Luminon and Night Terrors) for 2020 due to Covid, but EXPANDING our outdoor attraction (Darklands) in order to make up for what we are losing.   That way you can still enjoy SCREAMING through Covid’s 2020!!   

A crazed bus driver waits.    The bus is destined to take you on a perilous one-way journey, which leaves many begging for the next stop.    At your final destination, the bus leaves you, abandoned in the darkness.   The bus slowly driving off into the distance.

In front of you lies a gateway.  The last protection from the Dark and evil things lurking on the other side.

2After a strange death at the race track years ago, the lands on the other side of that wall have become haunted and a beacon for dangerous things that no longer fit in the rest of the world.

3They are anxiously waiting to stalk your progress along a 3/4 mile long walking path through the unknown.   Maybe…just maybe, if you keep walking you can find your way back to the normal world.