Only 2 more nights!

Eagle Hollow only has 2 more nights this year!

Friday October 30th Eagle Hollow is open our regular hours from 7:30-11pm. Come anytime the gates are open to enjoy a night of fall fun with firepits, a DJ, full concessions, adult beverages and a trip through the expanded and intensified Darklands. A $20 timed ticket let’s you choose when you want to line up for the haunt, leaving you more time to enjoy the festivities and less time in line.

Saturday, October 31st. It’s a Saturday… It’s Halloween… It’s our last night… Daylight saving gives you an extra hour of sleep to recover… AND it’s a full moon!! How can we NOT celebrate?!?! Time to party! This is the one night a year we encourage our guests to come in costume! Come party at the firepits with adult beverages, concessions and the DJ! Then, at the time of your timed ticket selection, jump in line to go through Darklands. There will be a few changes to the show on Halloween, so don’t expect the same show you’ve seen already this year! PLUS, as a bonus, we are opening up a very specially themed Luminon for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Tickets for Halloween are $25 and are limited so schedule your timed ticket soon! The gates are ONLY OPEN from 9-11:30pm so plan accordingly! Come early to enjoy the fun!

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ATTENTION!! Big changes for 2020, please be advised!

Many attractions around the country have closed because of COVID, but back in March we started planning. We have worked hard to open as safely and as scary as possible. Especially when everyone NEEDS something fun and safe to do!

We focused on a full re-envisioning, expansion and intensifying of our outdoor haunt , Darklands.  The haunt has been extended and upgraded considerably this year to make up for the fact that we will have to keep Luminon and Night Terrors closed for 2020.   We are saddened by this year’s limitations, but hope to make your experience just as exciting as any other year.    Ticket prices have been reduced for 2020 and all tickets will be TIMED TICKETS for your safety. The good news is that this will also give you more time to hang out at the firepits instead of in lines and it will also provide a more intimate and intense experience!

Masks will be required.

Buy your tickets NOW to ensure you can attend on the date/time you want.   Tickets on sale NOW!  Stay tuned to Facebook for updates.

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Eagle Hollow named as one of America’s Scariest Haunted Houses released it’s 2020 list of the Scariest Haunted Houses in America and Eagle Hollow made the list!

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‘Scariest Haunt in Nebraska’

Travel Noir just released the Top haunts for all 50 states and Eagle Hollow Haunts was named ‘Scariest Haunted House’ for the state of Nebraska!

Come see what Everyone is Screaming about!

50 In 50: Scariest Haunted Houses In Every State

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