2014 website coming soon!

We need creative spirits (and the bodies that go with them) to help us make these events a success! If you have a knack for acting, construction, costume, makeup or a desire to scare people out of their wits and a willingness to learn, we need you!

Volunteers are needed also. You will be a part of a team and organization that donates to several different charities and you will be helping us give back to the community thru your volunteered services. You may also receive various incentives based on performance, participation and effort. These may include, but are not limited to Eagle Hollow Haunt merchandise items, admission tickets, concession items and cash.

That’s right, we need your help! We need a wide variety of crew members, from actors for our haunted attractions to those who are deft with the hammer and saw. Costumers, makeup artists, prop designers, painters, construction crew, actors, ticket takers, ticket sellers, concession help and fire pit attendants can all find a place with us. Go backstage at a haunted attraction and experience the fear on a whole new level!

Our 2013 cast had fun on and off the scare routes! If you’re interested in becoming an actor for the 2014 season, just fill out this form (info below for form) and we’ll be sure to include you in our summer/fall get-togethers